Mothership Energy Group
Creators of an energy solutions ecosystem.

Who We Serve

The Power Market: 
Local and Nationwide


Our clients represent the entire power market. From wholesale to retail customers, solar developers, retail energy providers, C&I loads, commodity & retail supply brokers.  We provide customized solutions to help clients reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet sustainability goals.


Mothership Energy Group has partnered with DISCO Learning, a full service educational consulting firm creating an enhanced learning experience for a state of the art school curriculum.  Click here to learn about our Solar for Schools Program.

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Commercial and Industrial Loads

Downstream Customers
Government and Municipalities
Schools, Universities, Hospitals
Load Aggregations

Low-carbon Technology Companies

Asset Developers for Low-Carbon Technology Companies
Asset Owners
Manufacturers, Vendors, Suppliers, Distributors of Low-Carbon Technologies

Commodity & Capital Market Participants

Wholesale Merchants
Retail Commodity Suppliers
Wholesale and Retail Energy Brokers
Fully Integrated Energy Companies
Private Equity & Hedge Funds