Mothership Energy Group
Creators of an energy solutions ecosystem.

Our Services

The Mothership Ecosystem

Mothership has unique expertise in the structuring, integration and deployment of low-carbon technologies with traditional thermal resources. This includes wholesale & bilateral hedges as well as retail energy solutions for regulated and deregulated energy markets. 



the transaction ecosystem

When all three work in unison, it becomes the ideal ecosystem for deal origination.


Solar Brokering
& Advisory





Solar Brokering & AdviSING

Deal Structuring, Pricing Support and Business Development


    What We Do + Who We Serve

    • Evaluate onsite solar opportunities
    • Onsite and offsite renewable energy hedges for retail loads
    • Integration of renewables (onsite or offsite) for retail customers with traditional commodity purchase
    • Support traditional retail commodity brokers & consultants with ‘renewable energy expertise’ by providing training, portfolio opportunity evaluation, and deal valuation services
    • Assist throughout entire project development effort for onsite solar and technology installation (“project manage”)
    • Develop sales channel relationships via Renewable & Low-Carbon technology companies (partnerships, channel-partner relationships, etc.)


    Strategic Consulting & Research

    Market Research, New Business Model Advisory, Deal Support


      What We Do + Who We Serve

      • Market opportunity assessment for low-carbon technology deployment, including market size, financial opportunity, risks, and business model selection
      • Design of retail billing solutions for load serving entities (LSE) delivering off-site renewables or integrating on-site solutions for their customers
      • Design of business models and sales solutions for low-carbon technologies in regulated and deregulated markets
      • Sustainability Planning services for Fortune 500 customers including: strategy, design, and implementation planning


      TECHNOLOGY & Analytics

      Customized & Subscription-based Analytics for Origination, Engineering, Finance & Risk Management


      What We do + Who We Serve

      • Measurement & Verification (M&V) services including building performance management
      • Wholesale market and retail valuation models, including: DG solar and 4CP forecasts for battery storage
      • Real-time market & ad-hoc historical pricing
      • Deal pricers, including: swap & PPA hedge pricing
      • Dispatch models, transmission forecasting
      • Curve analysis
      • Spark spread and option model
      • Valuations and daily curve management